The 1983 Revised Code of Canon Law (c537) requires the creation of a Parish Finance Council to advise the pastor and finance manager in the administration of parish finances. The council’s function is to assist the Pastor in the prudent planning and administration of all parish financial matters and to provide effective advice in the management of parish assets.

In fulfilling its responsibilities, the Parish Finance Council must be directed by the values of the Gospel as well as by good business practice. The efficient and effective use and management of parish resources must be measured as much by their contribution to the parish mission and ministry as by commonly accepted business standards. The budget is required to be submitted each year to the Diocese by May 1st with the new fiscal year actually beginning July 1st.

Regular Meeting Date: Quarterly

Regular Meeting Time: 7:00pm

Regular Meeting Place: Parish Basement

Chairperson: Brent Kingseed

Specific Functions of Organization: Provide oversight and maintain internal controls over all financial matters of the parish.  The Finance Council will review all financial statements generated by the Finance Manager (currently Joe Steiner) and establish internal audit processes and procedures that ensure the integrity of the financial information being provided to the Diocese of Toledo and the parish community.

Parish Service Team

The Parish Service Team (PST), formerly known as the Parish Leadership Team (PLT), meets weekly on Thursdays.

We serve by three cultures – prayer, healthy teamwork, and active
discipleship. We want to introduce these cultures to the ministries within
the parish by
● Strengthening Parish Identity including Appropriate Collaboration
● Fostering a Welcoming Spirit and Community Presence/Outreach
● Working together to Support a Vibrant Catholic School
● Developing in the Parish Deeper Discipleship for all ages

Please feel free to reach out to any member of the PST with any questions,
suggestions, concerns, or constructive criticism. We are here to serve you! We
welcome your feedback and involvement to make our parishes vibrant and
welcoming. Our church community is where we can live our core value which is –
“we exist for the salvation and sanctification of souls and for the love of God and
love of neighbor”.


  • Fr Paul A Fahrbach (Twinned Parishes’ Pastor) –
  • Joe Steiner (Twinned Parishes’ Business Manager) –
  • Anissa Tuttle (Twinned School’s Principal) –
  • Beth Phillips (St Joseph’s Parish & Family Life Minister) –
  • Elizabeth Wurm (Holy Trinity’s Parish & Family Life Minister) –
  • Sis Love (Holy Trinity’s Parishioner/Volunteer) –


The purpose of the council is to advise and assist the pastor in matters of importance to the parish, provide strategic planning, and foster communication and coordination among parish organizations.

Regular Meeting Date: First Wednesday (monthly)

Regular Meeting Time: 7:00pm

Regular Meeting Place: Holy Trinity Parish Office (First half of the year) & St. Joseph Parish Office Basement (Second half of the year)

Members: Greg Butler, Tim Hebauf, Rachel Harmon, Nancy Welch, Anita Henry, & Tony Keller