Vote No on Issue 1

Statement of Bishop Daniel E. Thomas Regarding

Issue #1 Being Placed on the November Ballot

The inclusion of Issue #1 for a vote on the November ballot should alarm us all because of its profound disregard for human life, for the health and safety of women, and for the rights of parents.  Make no mistake this amendment would not only enshrine abortion into the Ohio Constitution but take it to its furthest extreme by placing women at risk in an unregulated abortion environment, undermining the right of parents to know if their young children are having abortions or medical treatments contrary to their beliefs, and permitting late-term abortions, even up to birth.  

This horrific amendment should compel all of us to reject it on the grounds of its complete disrespect for human life, its disrespect for the women of Ohio, its disrespect for parents and their rights, and its disrespect for a baby about to be born. I hope, pray, and encourage all people to VOTE NO on Issue #1 in November.